Year In Review: The Most Read Hospice Blog Posts Of 2015

In 2015, Hospice of the Red River Valley’s blog was visited more than 20,000 times. Many individual posts were visited hundreds, or even thousands, of times—further validating our belief that education, information and an open conversation about hospice care, death and grief are valued and needed in our communities.

One of our most passionate goals for this blog is to help lessen the stigma that surrounds talking about hospice care, death and grief. December tends to be a time of self-reflection, when we look back on the year that has passed. The following blog posts were the most popular of 2015. Please share these resources and stories with anyone who might find value in them. Happy New Year, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you in 2016!

1. What NOT To Say To A Grieving Person: Tips From A Bereavement Specialist
In this article, bereavement specialist Jennifer Messelt shares helpful tips and reminders about how to best support those who are grieving with our words and actions. Read more about what is and is not helpful to say to someone who is grieving.

2. Angels in Disguise: Husband Recalls Wife’s Experience With Hospice
Making cherished memories together—and with loved ones—was always a priority for the happily married couple of more than 25 years. So when Dee was told the cancer in her brain and lungs had spread throughout her body, Dee knew immediately she wanted to focus on making the most of the precious time she had left with her beloved husband, family and friends. Read more of Dee and her husband Toot’s story.

3. Helping Your Parents Deal with Loss
How do we help our parents cope with losses when they seem to come faster than we can handle? I’ve realized the most important thing we can do to help our parents deal with loss is to show up. Show up for a visit. And when you can’t do that, show up with a phone call. And when you can’t muster a conversation, show up with a text or an email or a card in the mail. Learn more about how to help your parents deal with loss.

4. An Attitude of Gratitude: Couple Gives Thanks For Extra Support
During any visit with Mike, a Hospice of the Red River Valley patient, and his wife, Eileen, you quickly realize you’re gaining an unintentional education in grace and gratitude. The couple is warm, welcoming and unassuming. Mike faces serious health challenges, but rather than becoming bitter, they are acutely aware of the blessings and kindness surrounding them. Read Mike and Eileen’s hospice story.

5. In The Midst Of A Life-Changing Event, Hospice Provides Extra Support To Patient
In late January 2015, on an otherwise normal day, Grace faced a life-changing incident: a heart attack. In an instant, Grace’s world turned upside-down, and she and her family were left with many uncertainties. “After the heart attack, things changed. There were many things Mom couldn’t do alone anymore,” Jodi, Grace’s daughter, said. “Losing that independence was hard for her—and us too, seeing her struggling to do some things that were easy for her the week before. The family needed to accept that fact and so did Mom.” Read more about Grace and Jodi’s experience with hospice care.

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